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New Rules, New Winners

didn't keep upIt's no secret that in every competitive ecosystem, as conditions change, so do the winning moves. With the rising cost of US health insurance, which directly affects the costs of many large players, including corporations and, perhaps above all, the US government, it is inevitable that pressures will develop to lower costs, likely by spurring competition. In the internet age, consumers have developed a deliberate expectation to the point of accepted fact that they can compare information publicly available on a variety of options and choose the best one. Increasingly this perception will pressure everyone in the industry to justify their costs, creating an environment with new winners elected by their outcomes measures.

Not only are the changes likely, but that being proactive represents a business opportunity right now for clinics

While it's tempting to look at the huge potential for loopholes in reporting, selection bias, and any number of other factors that could result in more chaos than valuable feedback, it's important to realize that it's likely no longer up to the healthcare industry itself to decide. If the change is coming, then eventually there won't be room for a conversation about whether or not such actions should be taken. In the end there will be clinics who implement outcomes measures poorly and suffer the costs and there will be clinics that have benefited from outcomes measures before they were even standardized.

The pay for performance models are under development, and there are a lot of people that want to see healthcare costs and insurance costs go down. The new winners are going to compete with this environment, and it's to everyone's advantage to ensure that the measures used are of the highest quality and improve the situation overall.

SayAh's Outcomes product is designed with these changes in mind. The system is implemented flexibly to be adapt to future changes, meaning your practice can be ahead of the curve whenever measures are finalized. This is important because you want to avoid as many disruptions to your workflow as possible, and only a partner that's going to focus on getting you through the situation smoothly is going to be prepared.

SayAh understands that, not only are the changes likely, but that being proactive represents a business opportunity right now for clinics to improve their relationships with insurance providers and other payers as well as staying on top of the game if outcomes measures are standardized soon as part of the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act. You don't have to know what's going to happen to know you want to be a winner, and SayAh wants to be your partner and advance through the changes together.

Published April 19, 2013 by knapper