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Rearranging the Healthcare Orchestra

The recent publication of pricing variation from hospital to hospital is a relatively landmark development in long road to implementing current healthcare law and all of the changes it will entail.

Every change is an opportunity.

How much will things change? First consider the macro-state of the US healthcare industry. In 2010 a whopping 17.6% of the US GDP was spent on healthcare. In all things economic, the largest costs become the largest targets. Whether criticism is levied in the right place or not is a distraction from the fact that public pressure out of pure necessity is going to drive changes.

oecd 2010 
healthcare by gdp

This comparison is very dangerous for the US healthcare industry. The discrepancy is rightly or wrongly difficult to defend, and the now published variations from hospital to hospital will only further create complications. Change is on the way.

In defense of the healthcare industry, the magnitude of the cost would likely be much less if leading causes of health complications such as obesity, a category in which the US also leads OECD countries, was first addressed. Also, the relatively low percentage of healthcare professionals in the US could be attributed to the high cost of healthcare education and extensive training required. In Japan for example, medical training is started directly in the undergraduate education, forgoing the ubiquitous pre-med programs of US universities that are frequently the targets of students resistant to studying about SP orbital hybridization in organic chemistry for example.

However, this still leaves the problem that until either training costs and time are streamlined, or the nation widely takes up a pescatarian diet, the healthcare industry is in the cross-hairs of politicians and voters, all of whom are patients, and all of whom would rather pay less for healthcare.

Step out of the cross-hairs.
Show your value

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Published June 4, 2013 by knapper