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Recommended By Their Well-Respected Peers

mutual recommendationYou want to have a good presence online. You know you need to rank highly in search results for your efforts to pay off. After researching enough, you quickly find out that links matter. The internet is has very complex connectivity from region to region, and one of the best ways for search engines to figure out where the quality material is at is by looking for the dense areas, the multi-lane highways where there are many links pointing at one location and criss-cross each other. You ask a friend to link to your website. The trouble is, the professional players have a huge headstart.

The landscape is moving. You need a partner to keep up with it so you can focus on your practice.

In 2002, you would be well off to set out making a nice web page and letting the internet run its course. In 2013 however, the landscape has grown much more competitive, and the fact is that an entire economy has developed based on generating volume traffic, mostly through search, while monetizing through paid-per-click advertisements. The formulaic review websites have undergone waves of differentiation and consolidation, becoming the yelp.coms of the internet.

We all know that the internet is an open forum, and when you value freedom of speech, one of the consequences is that there's a lot of noise. On the other hand, Google has stated that their goal is to increase the success of the internet, which always bolsters their core business. They quite frankly want people to find the internet useful and to use it as a beneficial tool. They have ways to tell the good from the bad, but most of these are based on watching the tell-tale signs of community health, and doctors haven't yet started this community. We don't have the cooperative presence that Google and other search engines can measure.

Why we win together

On the surface, Google vs online content mills is a cold war, a never-ending cat & mouse affair where review solicitation sites come up with new ways to generate fake or unverifiable content and search engines invent ways to detect the automation. In practice, the distinguishing feature of every AstroTurf gimmick used by content mills is that they all seem to help each other, but nobody wants to help them. It's a clique, and when the search engines dig deep enough, they find lots of pages cleverly linked to each other, areas of the web that go in circles, making it seem like a highway, but in the middle of nowhere without the surrounding city.

When search engines see our pages, where real doctors have real patients, get real social likes from real users with real friends, and compare them to highly optimized cliques with readily identifiable self-serving behavior, they know where the city is, and they choose to put our pages ahead of the content mills. This is how SayAh and doctors can form an online community that overcomes the oftentimes caustic nature of anonymous reviews.

SayAh was founded in large part because other websites are alienating whoever's getting reviewed, and wherever an audience is being ignored, there is an opportunity to become a partner. We want to be that partner, and we've put the technology in place to become a critical leg in the community, one you can rely on to keep up with the shifting sands of the internet and focus on your practice and your patients instead.

Published April 22, 2013 by knapper