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Reputation Economy

find me on the web.  i'm recommendedIt seems that with every new channel for information, there's room for early adopters to capitalize without the stabilizing effects of time-tested names and relationships. While the internet has been truly remarkable so far, the rise of review websites has been pock-marked with new attention seekers willing to solicit and publish almost anything, monetizing with ad revenue and operating with mostly disregard for the quality of the content they host, profiteering at your expense.

Online search is increasingly how you will be found. As SEO and google rich snippets, also known as "stars," have emerged as a major influence in which website your potential clients will end up visiting, almost anyone with a website knows how to solicit user reviews in hopes of grabbing "long-tail" search results in a self-perpetuating model of content generation and ad revenue with utter disregard for the factual quality or any further attempts to create real products or services. The unfortunate truth is that these internet bug-zappers are profitable and that their lure is quite simply that somebody somewhere is looking for your services while winding up on a rogue review site. Take control of how you're presented with SayAh.

Adding insult to injury, we're seeing a steady wave of "innovation" in 2nd-generation content mills that, having first created the problem of unverifiable reviews that could be losing you patients, now want to further monetize you by creating branded pages on their sites that merely give you a narrow avenue of feedback and no real solutions or tools to solicit truly representative patient data. Why pay someone to clean up the problem they're willfully creating? Sayah is different. We provide the technology to hear the real voice of your patients. We give you an outlet to publish it and an avenue of remediation where you can catch patients who simply weren't willing to tell you that they had a problem so that you can get back to them. SayAh is the pro-active solution.

Cooperation is Rewarded  Link back to mutually strengthen our search rankings

When the community moves together to take care of itself, Google takes notice. By banding together our online presence, gaining the kind of credibility that users can recognize and search engines can measure, Sayah is effectively forming an online coalition with doctors that collectively gives us all the search advantage and will ultimately displace the content solicitation racket while providing real services for doctors and patients. By both linking to your personal review site from your existing site and from your review site to your personal site, you're increasing the credibility of both of your legitimate pages and pushing the racketeers further down search result pages.

The company offering real services will win because we're not alienating one customer to profit from another.

Together we have a competitive advantage. Why will cooperation win? It's simple. We have a larger market because we're not alienating one group to profit from another. We want to sell more than just search engine hits and unrelated advertising. Sayah is positioning itself to be the provider of technology solutions for a variety of services built in conjunction with our cooperative internet presence to both gather beneficial data from patients and use it effectively to represent you. We want to produce positive patient leads, reduce overhead, measure your results, and increase your effectiveness. We both win with SayAh

Published April 18, 2013 by knapper