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The Tactile Test: In Your Patients' Hands

tablets and pc in waiting roomOne of the biggest anxieties about switching to electronic device is, "Will my elderly and less capable patients be able to handle it?" Getting unanimous agreement on anything is hard enough already. While there's not a perfect device out there for us yet, SayAh has been experimenting with what works for over two years now, including several varieties of tablets, tablet PC's, and full-PC versions of regular surveys. This effort to ensure access on a wide variety of platforms has created a wealth of experience in how customers will handle different devices.

Which device to select has many facets to consider:

  • If the device is too small, it's hard to see.
  • If it's too big, it's hard to hold.
  • If it has a touch screen, it's easy to navigate.
  • If it doesn't have a physical keyboard, it's slow to type.
  • If the device is too expensive, it's tempting to walk off with, not to mention cost.
  • If the battery life isn't long enough, the device seems unreliable.
  • If the paperwork is required, and the customer refuses to use the device, there has to be a backup.

While some of these needs are contradictory, presenting trade-offs until we do get the perfect device, in practice the device doesn't even tell the whole story. Whether the device is comfortable to hold or needs to be placed on a surface or how often it needs to be plugged in are variables that need to be considered part of the ergonomics of the user experience. Moreover, what works best for one patient might not work for another. As in most things, people like having a choice, and your customers might like to have a mix of devices available, resulting in higher completion rates and less need for fall-back paper copies and their data-entry overhead.

SayAh is on top of the options that are available and will continue working with manufacturers and using the field experience we gather from our customers to continually work to improve the facilities available for interacting patients in ways that are convenient, save time, and eliminate extra steps from the visit.

Sometimes the Best Answer Isn't At Your Office

What our web-based systems have shown us so far is the definite value in giving clinics the flexibility they need, because every office is different, and keeping patients in the waiting room is seen as the worst part of the customer experience, one that leads to anxiety and wears out patients before they can even see you. For these practices, the web-based solutions are excellent. The patients can use the PC that they're familiar with, using a browser that almost everyone can operate. The whole procedure is done in the comfort of their home, and completion rates don't depend on getting any paper in the mail.

Whatever solution works for you, Sayah is committed to providing the solutions you need to continue integrating your office workflow while gaining the benefits of our products and becoming more prepared for the ever evolving technology landscape. We get it. Patient satisfaction surveys and outcomes measures are likely just the foundation for a full array of services that will eventually end up in one seamless package. When you get SayAh, you get a partner who is going to make those moves where you need them and when you need them.

Published April 20, 2013 by knapper